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  • add H6815WI to NVS k200

    1 A comment - 3948 A visit

    Hi , I try to add H6815WI with UID 0000A8FD005A95 (mac is listed as 00A8FD005A95) this UID is listed in camera finder ,but always get Invalid ID message , whats wrong? Also there is no function to ed ...

    2015-4-2 04:02 - t0mek_ch - C Series

  • H6815W Firmware Help.

    2 A comment - 5799 A visit

    I recently bought two H6815W cameras. I tried to ask for help with email but no reply. I need rtsp url and also need a copy of original firmware for the H6815W because one of my cameras keeps power cy ...

    2012-6-1 14:05 - s177oke77 - E Series

  • H6815WIP

    3 A comment - 4225 A visit

    I just purchase 3 NEW H6815WIP, and before this i did purchase 1 H6815WIP for sample testing. I had the same problems, i cant connect 3 of the camera using my router similar as the sample i bought be ...

    2013-2-5 05:18 - azri445 - E Series

  • H6815WI Outdoor came Frame rate problem with smart phone

    4 A comment - 6748 A visit

    Hello guys, I just bought this camera and there seems to be a problem with the mjpeg 2nd stream. It is a dual stream h.264 and mjpeg. I uses h.264 when viewing from internet explorer of firefox but it ...

    2012-6-8 19:53 - rose1 - E Series

  • H6815WI FTP upload

    1 A comment - 4537 A visit

    I have camera wit this versions: Camera ID 00-a8-fa-00-61-c1 Firmware Version Web UI Version v32.3.0.34 no FTP upload working in motion alarm. FTP upload test txt is passing, an ...

    2012-6-21 05:20 - arozsny - E Series

  • RTSP url for H6815W IP camera

    0 A comment - 4931 A visit

    Hi, I have a H6815W IP camera. Can you please tell me the format of RTSP url so that I can get video stream in VLC player?

    2012-4-20 11:15 - ckc55 - E Series

  • Restore/update the firmware H6815WI

    9 A comment - 6443 A visit

    2012-1-17 05:45 - andrew - E Series

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