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  • Eye 4 Application not working with new Android Pie Update

    1 A comment - 133 A visit

    Hi, I have an issue with my Eye 4 software in that since updating to Android Pie I cannot use the software. It no longer connects to any of my cameras on data or wi-fi and sticks on building encrypt ...

    2019-2-14 05:53 - R4ZI3LR - Eye4 Android

  • app download for Android phone H6837wip ipcam series

    1 A comment - 172 A visit

    Edited by raregold28 at 2019-1-26 06:28 \n\n Edited by raregold28 at 2019-1-26 06:27 \n\nI have lost my application download for Android can you please send me a link to find an application for my ph ...

    2019-1-26 05:53 - raregold28 - E Series

  • view your camera with your iPhone and android cell phone

    3 A comment - 4755 A visit

    for VStarcam Pangolin series(plug and play ip camera),we have another way to view the camera with your iPhone or android cell phone 1:this just for vstarcam Pangolin series ip camera 2:it is support ...

    2012-9-13 23:14 - hbadmin - E Series

  • C16S - Eye4 Android and Windows problem (offline)

    10 A comment - 1994 A visit

    Hi. I have 2 cameras VStarCam C16S, configured and accessible via WebInterface, devices found by IP Camera Finder, I can see the stream http://10.0.0.XX:YYY/monitor2.htm. But there is no way I can se ...

    2018-4-22 22:50 - mlew - C Series

  • Invalid id on Android App

    5 A comment - 1551 A visit

    My Camera is C34S-X4, after setup and use for 1 week. I can not connect to Camera. I had to power off-on. After restart the camera, things seem ok. But after some hour, i can not connect to camera aga ...

    2018-4-20 13:46 - hanattaw - C Series

  • Change Eye4 (Android) language to English

    3 A comment - 1009 A visit

    How can I change this app language to English (Polish translation is very, very bad :-)).

    2018-4-23 18:39 - mlew - C Series

  • Android Eye4 connection issue...

    1 A comment - 3756 A visit

    Hello, I have connection problem from my Mobile Phone (Sony Xperia Z2 , Android ver. 6.0.1) to my cam C7838WIP... Mi native language is russian, and if i try connect to my cam from mobile network (wi ...

    2016-11-14 14:36 - raslav - Eye4 Android

  • Fifa 16 Android Hac

    0 A comment - 507 A visit

    JUST GRAB FIFA 16 RESOURCES! but then I did a research and found something amazing! They are actually not working for EA Sports! All they did is using the FIFA 16 Coin Generator. Orig ...

    2017-10-24 17:03 - RichreiMarp - The Least

  • Deck Heroes Android

    0 A comment - 584 A visit

    GET UNLIMITED DECKHEROES RESOURCES! given that you win. Moving along a set track of tiles with die rolls. the music is of an extremely high quality. It’s the overall presentati ...

    2017-10-19 13:58 - AlbiertDrine - The Least

  • Family Farm Android

    0 A comment - 469 A visit

    GET UNLIMITED FAMILYFARM RESOURCES! understand that things happen in personal lives (such as sick kids needing to go home from school) and are willing to help employees learn new sk ...

    2017-10-18 17:38 - AlbiertDrine - The Least

  • Fifa 16 Android Coi

    0 A comment - 679 A visit

    GET UNLIMITED FIFA 16 RESOURCES! No costs. It also has an in built proxy system . Designate whether you’re utilizing Play Station 4 a Ps3. The verification process is there for a ...

    2017-10-18 06:12 - DarirylImila - The Least

  • Injustice Android H

    0 A comment - 493 A visit

    GENERATE INJUSTICE RESOURCES! One can use this tool irrespective of their knowledge and age. Green Lantern. with custom animations for every single hero and villain. hack injustice No ...

    2017-10-17 10:06 - DarirylImila - The Least

  • Injustice Android C

    0 A comment - 545 A visit

    GENERATE INJUSTICE RESOURCES! available as Challenge Characters and Access Packs. No root/jailbreak required Another feature of this game is also associated with the presence of a var ...

    2017-10-17 05:52 - DarirylImila - The Least

  • Fifa 16 Android Coi

    0 A comment - 520 A visit

    JUST GRAB FIFA 16 RESOURCES! security question or password. and the United States. TambiГ©n es indetectable. Buying FUT Points is too expensive. This system can also be effective ...

    2017-10-17 01:35 - AlbiertDrine - The Least

  • Manual NVR N400 y App EYE4 NVR android y Windows

    2 A comment - 6183 A visit

    Buen dia, compre aqui en mexico , 3 camaras C7824WIP y un NVR N 400 , ya instale y configure en el NVr muy facil, pero no tengo un manual para configurar el NVR , y tengo unas dudas de como visualizar ...

    2016-10-20 03:47 - U53rpc - Eye4 PC Client

  • Send butten missing in android app

    0 A comment - 1084 A visit

    Edited by Nash at 2017-7-19 18:28 \n\nHi I'm trying to connect my C7824WIP cam to the wireless, but when i get to the screen that i need to "send" the wireless info to the camera, there is no send b ...

    2017-7-19 18:26 - Nash - C Series

  • C7837WIP: Android apps-zoom in and zoom out not working

    1 A comment - 5986 A visit

    Dear Support I'm currently using and-TPnp-vstarcam.apk (android) Version 3.17 for C7837WIP . It seems that the zoom in and zoom out function doesn't work. Could you check it out. TQ.

    2014-11-12 12:11 - BEN - E Series

  • Android apps keeps crashing using T7837WIP

    0 A comment - 4242 A visit

    I have 2 T7837WIP and I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.1.2. The application PnPCam keeps crashing when I tried to save the presets or select the presets. I am using the latest version V ...

    2013-7-14 11:23 - Juslee - D Series

  • Android application problem ask me UID of 20 caracters insted of 15.

    0 A comment - 5263 A visit

    Hi there. I downloaded the android application to manage a pair of T7838WIP cams. When a scan the bar code to add my cameras to my android application , appears a message like this. "yo need to wri ...

    2013-6-6 14:53 - ServidorSoporte - E Series

  • Can I use IP address to setup android apps for Vstarcam H6837WI H.264?

    1 A comment - 5724 A visit

    Can I use IP address to setup android apps for Vstarcam H6837WI H.264?

    2013-4-9 01:14 - onedata - E Series

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