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  • H6837WI V2 SD Card Reset

    1 A comment - 102 A visit

    Can you please reuplaod the files for SD Card resetting of H6837WI camera. The system.tar file is corrupted. I think the files linked here would do it. ...

    2019-2-20 16:37 - hattmall - E Series

  • app download for Android phone H6837wip ipcam series

    1 A comment - 172 A visit

    Edited by raregold28 at 2019-1-26 06:28 \n\n Edited by raregold28 at 2019-1-26 06:27 \n\nI have lost my application download for Android can you please send me a link to find an application for my ph ...

    2019-1-26 05:53 - raregold28 - E Series


    3 A comment - 4930 A visit

    Hi, last week i bought aH6837WIP at "smart digital Group Limited" in Hong Kong but I'm getting a 'CAMERA UID CAN NOT LESS THAN 20 CHARACTERS error'. The UID I scan with QRCode of the camere is VSTC00 ...

    2013-4-22 02:10 - tootoo - E Series


    7 A comment - 16498 A visit


    2012-8-6 07:01 - putipu - E Series

  • H6837WI Isues

    2 A comment - 5639 A visit

    Hi i have 2 issues with this camera When i try to set the parameters from my camera in Ip Cam Viewer return the errro Below "Could not connect to" these are the parameters: ip/host: qilx.dns.gocam.s ...

    2014-11-26 07:55 - hugaso20 - E Series

  • how to change default password on H6837WIP

    1 A comment - 10781 A visit

    hi, how do i change the default password 888888 of the H6837WIP so i can disallow others from accessing my home camera? DaytonaSS

    2014-11-10 21:47 - DaytonaSS - E Series

  • How to record H6837WI video to QNAP NAS?

    6 A comment - 10058 A visit

    Hi , Please help me. How do I set for H6837WI to record to QNAP NAS?

    2012-3-9 14:09 - perrygss - E Series

  • Vstarcam H6837WIP

    5 A comment - 10529 A visit

    Dear Sir, I have an electronics company and purchased a ip camera for evaluation. The camera has only been used for around one month. After a multiple power cut it failed. The camera still switches ...

    2013-9-23 11:39 - Abby - E Series

  • problem con H6837WI IPCAM

    4 A comment - 5236 A visit

    I bought from ebay six (6) H6837WI IPCAM some of which presented problems I want to know from you: 1) How many years have warranty 2) where i find a service in Athens (Greece) where I live Si ...

    2014-1-30 16:05 - nik101954 - E Series

  • H6837WIP Web UI auto-updated, Firmware fail

    1 A comment - 6007 A visit

    Ran the upgrade software on my 2 H6837WIP , and the Web UI auto-updated to v32.1.1.37 while the firmware update to failed (stuck at The update to also fails throug ...

    2014-5-13 23:31 - Nilist - E Series

  • problem with H6837WI

    6 A comment - 5597 A visit

    I have problem with H6837WI .The camera still switches on but it has lost all other function. I cannot connect to it by lan to update the firmware. I have tried pressing the reset for short and long p ...

    2014-2-1 20:12 - nik101954 - E Series

  • H6837WI IPCAM presented problems

    3 A comment - 4822 A visit

    Ho comprato da ebay sei (6) H6837WI IPCAM alcune dei quali hano presentato dei problemi vorei sapere da voi : 1) quanti anni di garanzia hanno 2) dove trovero un service ad Atene (Grecia) dove ab ...

    2014-1-30 16:29 - nik101954 - D Series


    0 A comment - 4413 A visit

    I bought from ebay da " " six (6) H6837WI IPCAM ,Tragically from (6) six who bought,did not work (5) five of them please help I want to know from you: 1) How many years have warranty 2) where ...

    2014-1-30 06:20 - nik101954 - E Series

  • H6837WIP PnP UID number collapse

    0 A comment - 6428 A visit

    hello H6837WIP PnP worked well. web v32.1.1.37 Smart upgrade tool app-pnp-Upgrade-vstarcam Flashed the camera firmware Break the Internet. Fails , the camera has stopped working put V ...

    2013-12-20 15:28 - aknot - E Series

  • H6837WIP How to update the firmware?

    1 A comment - 8688 A visit

    Edited by robbie2k at 2013-9-11 12:39 \n\nHi, I have a H6837WIP ip cam closed in a box by almost one year, because it has too much issues (unreadable videos recorded on the MicroSD principally, but a ...

    2013-9-11 12:39 - robbie2k - E Series

  • H6837WI

    1 A comment - 6039 A visit

    Hi, I have a H6837WIP ip cam closed in a box by almost one year, because it has too much issues (unreadable videos recorded on the MicroSD principally, but also other things). I'm trying today to upda ...

    2013-9-12 10:04 - Abby - E Series

  • Vstarcam H6837WI Fault

    0 A comment - 6156 A visit

    Camera will not automatically update from your website , Please see attatched page. Also if camera wizard is used and I try to view the camera , this message appears..... post data0 post data1 ...

    2013-8-6 09:05 - Abby - E Series

  • H6837WI

    1 A comment - 7661 A visit

    Dear sir and madam, i have bought a „H6837WI“ last year. Since two weeks i have no access to the camera. When I use the software „app-find-vstarcam“ the camera showes correctly, but when i click ...

    2013-7-19 14:08 - Abby - E Series

  • H6837Wi relationship between sun brigtness and VBR(variable bit rate)

    0 A comment - 4775 A visit

    Dear Support, Would like to check with you on the relationship between sun's brightness and VBR(Variable Bit Rate-video setting). I install my H6837WI at my home porch where it is sheltered. During da ...

    2013-7-17 20:37 - BEN - E Series

  • no uid on the bottem of H6837WI?

    4 A comment - 8779 A visit

    I just bought the H6837WI and everything says there's a uid number on the label but there's not. help?

    2013-4-2 10:47 - songoda - E Series

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